Dr. Judith M. Newman


Literacy, Curriculum & Technology

GEDU 6156 (01)

August 3 - 15, 1998

Mount Saint Vincent University

Course Description

Literacy, Curriculum & Technology was a two-week summer institute designed to help teachers and school administrators with background in literacy and language to bring what they had learned previously to the development and implementation of curriculum in their classrooms and schools. The institute engaged participants in creating a classroom community, in negotiating curriculum, and in discovering the multiple roles of language for learning.

The institute used a hands-on investigation of a negotiated topic of interest as a focus for developing and enacting curriculum inquiry. Five inquiry topics emerged:

The participants became investigative reporters--researching their chosen topic using a variety of research tools:

  • conventional print materials 
  • interview data 
  • on-site visitation 
  • internet resources 

The five inquiries allowed participants to use a range of electronic resources for learning:

  • internet browsers 
  • email 
  • word processors 
  • webpage authoring software 
  • scanners, digital cameras, file transfer software 

This hands on experience, backed by readings in Curriculum as Inquiry and other major issues in learning and literacy, was an Action Research endeavour in which the teachers and administrators engaged in inquiry into their own learning as a way of reflecting on current issues in education.

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