Dr. Judith M. Newman

32 Chelsea Lane    Halifax NS    B3M 1K9
phone: 902 443-1536


A successful web project manager, website developer, academic administrator and teacher with extensive and wide-ranging experience in post-secondary education. A pragmatic thinker who has initiated and effected change. Has demonstrated strong management and interpersonal skills and the ability to achieve results in high stress, changing situations. Skilled at developing strong teams and building group goals.


  • Strong ability to analyze and problem-solve; to make decisions about process
  • Competent fiscal management
  • Highly developed organizational skills
  • Group facilitation in both large and small group settings
  • Accomplished writer, author of several professional books and articles
  • Experienced public speaker, seminar leader and presenter
  • Technologically adept


Medical Technical Writing:

  • Pfizer Canada : Celebrex, Fragmin, Voriconazole (research study synopses for Sales Representative education), Erectile Dysfunction - drug comparison
  • Roche Canada : Writing Workshops for Technical Staff

November 2001 - June 2002
Brainworks International - development of course content, prototype development, stylesheet development and maintenance, formatting of course material, inputting of course material into Theorix (course management software), demo development, and QA of course content

July 2001 -
Website Development and Production:
Responsible for design, development and installation of client websites

Beta Team Member: Trapeze Media, Web Development Team Member:
Harmony, Inc, Hang Gliding/Paragliding Association of Canada
responsible for design, development and user experience input into websites.

Jan-June 2001
Web Project Manager, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto

Responsible for coordinating the work of the project team to meet the timelines, budget and milestones in the development of new website.

  • Conducted a needs assessment of the project defining the scope of Phase 1 of the website, target date of launch
  • Prepared tasks and timelines with milestones for launch of Phase 1
  • Coordinated the work of the project team to meet timelines and target launch date
  • Responsible for delivery of
    • Functional architecture
    • Functional navigation
    • All design elements for main Corporate site and OMNIMAX, Circus! and SciZone subsites
    • Content for all site/subsites
    • Working back-end modules and forms for all ASP
  • Developed and presented budget projections
  • Served as liaison between departments of the Ontario Science Centre and the web team
  • Communicated progress, plans and process to departmental stakeholders
  • Developed and implemented user testing at various stages of Phase 1 of site
  • Orchestrated Quality Assurance Testing of site
  • Identified roles, responsibilities and process for updating content and development of Phase 2
  • Prepared final report post-delivery of Phase 1, summarizing
    • The cost of relaunch
    • Timelines to reach relaunch
    • An analysis of what worked and what didn't and
    • Recommendations for ongoing development of site and web-related projects

Feb-June 2000
Resident in the New Media Design Programme at Bell H@bitat (Canadian Film Centre)

Responsible for creative and technical production of Anansi’s World of FolkTales – a storytelling prototype utilizing a range of new media tools.

  • Organized new media project
  • Structured the flow of production work (Microsoft Project Manager)
  • Animated graphic elements (Macromedia Flash 4)
  • Recorded and adapted sound files for the project (SoundEdit)
  • Assembled the final project
  • Worked with Adobe Premiere 5.1, Illustrator 8, Photoshop 5.5, Director 7, Dreamweaver 3

Professor (part time), Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax NS

Developed and delivered on-line distance education graduate courses for public school teachers on information technology in education, on literacy, and on institutional change.

  • Organized materials for on-line course delivery
  • Built a community of dispersed learners
  • Managed the flow of information among people
  • Taught strategies for working on-line, for using the internet for learning
  • Facilitated collaborative projects

Chair, Halifax UNICEF Committee

  • Recruited and organized volunteers for specific tasks
  • Provided leadership and support for projects
  • Worked with community organizations
  • Initiated two new fund-raising efforts

Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg MB

Managed an academic unit ($6.1M budget) comprised of 55 full time academics, 75 part-time teachers, 23 support staff, and over 1200 undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Responsibilities included:
    • overseeing the operation of all academic programs
    • budget planning and fiscal management in a time of severely declining resources (both money and people)
    • development of new programs
    • scheduling of courses
    • team building
    • conflict resolution
    • supervision of faculty
    • staffing
    • recruiting of students
    • fundraising
    • liaison with alumni
    • working with government and professional organizations
  • Directed the redesign of all undergraduate teacher education programs
  • Oversaw the startup of Weekend College for the initial teacher preparation for teaching assistants
  • Began an off-site teacher education program for First Nations teachers
  • Initiated an Asia-Pacific Summer Institute
  • Provided leadership within the Board of Teacher Education and Certification regarding teacher education programs in Manitoba
  • Worked closely with Ministry of Education, Superintendents, and Trustees
  • Instituted a funding program for undergraduate program research initiatives
  • Organized WestCast 95 – a major conference for Western Canadian educators

1983 – 1993
Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax NS

  • Developed new courses on literacy and on computers in the classroom.

Education Consultant, Halifax NS

  • Worked with teacher groups and school districts in NS, across Canada and in the USA, developing programs to help teachers understand literacy learning and literacy instruction
  • Authored two books and numerous articles on literacy education
  • Edited four books on learning and teaching
  • Conducted workshops at major literacy and education conferences
  • Created and supported a number of self-help teacher groups
  • Organized the presentation of ideas for educators and the general public
  • Wrote and produced a series of five half-hour videotape programs on literacy for teachers

Professor, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

  • Developed new courses in literacy, special education, and computers in classrooms

Academic Background

1963 B.Sc. (Honors Biology) Dalhousie University, Halifax NS

1972 MA (Education Theory) University of Toronto (OISE), Toronto ON

1976 Ph.D. (Education Theory) University of Toronto (OISE), Toronto ON


Available on request

COMPLETE ACADEMIC CV: http://www.lupinworks.com/jn/cv.html