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"Mi'kma'w people have always drawn their knowledge from  many sources. That knowledge has been allowed to flourish with the retention of our M'kma'w language and the daily dialogues surrounding our place and time. Our elders and grandfathers and grandmothers have shared earnestly these memories in many different forms and situations, woven stories that connect us to ancient times, people and events. It nourished our times together, during long winters or the warm summer nights, while enriching our experiences, knowledge, skills, imagination and intuitions. Some of the stories change over time so when we were told how things were , and retold in many different versions, we may have lost some of the dates, the laces, the people present, but like our hieroglyphics and wampum literacy , we held to the essence of what is important to know.

Quote from "Mi'kmaw Concordat" by James(Sa'ke'j Youngblood Henderson: Kjikeptin Alex Denny: p. 1

Oh Great Spirit

OH GREAT SPIRIT, whose breath fills the great forest with life.
And whose voice I hear riding the wind, hear me.
Let me be wise like our brother the Owl,
May I stand tall like the Great trees of the forest.
And Strong like the Mountains that rise to meet you
May my ears be sharp to hear your many voices.
My people need your strength & Wisdom, the
Lessons you have hidden in every rock and Leaf.
May my moccasins make happy tracks in many snows.
And may we be at Peace with tribes of every nation
OH GREAT SPIRIT, make me ready, for that last sunset
And MY Spirit will come to you without Shame.