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Dr. Judith M. Newman

Reflective Practitioner


An on-line conference on the topic "The Reflective Practitioner" is to be held on actlist from 1st to 29th March 1998. The conference will be on for three weeks followed by a round up for one week.

The objective of this conference is to focus on the late Donald Schön's work on The Reflective Practitioner and other publications related to this topic.

A maximum of ten (10) mini-papers will be presented over a period of three weeks. The first paper will be an introduction to the thoughts of Donald Schön on the topic by someone who was close to Donald Schön. Three papers will then be presented followed by three papers each on the following two weeks.

The papers will be posted on each Monday and on-line discussions will be held on the posted papers for one week after which three more papers will be posted. A facilitator will be appointed to moderate the discussions.

Each mini paper will be about three pages long and is expected to be an original paper that is easy to read as an email, thoughtful and encourage discussions on the list.

Authors who wish to present papers are requested to email an abstract of their paper to by 10th February 1998. A conference committee will review the abstract and inform authors of the acceptance of the paper by 15th February 1998. Full papers must then be emailed to by 25th February 1998. The first conference session will commence on 2nd March 1998.

At the end of the conference authors are invited to expand their papers into full conference papers which will be posted on a web page and published at a later date. For those authors who do not wish to expand their papers the mini papers will be published as they are with a summary of the discussions held on the paper.

Participants of the conference will be:

Authors of papers Members of actlist Members of related lists who will be subscribed 'free' to actlist for the duration of the conference. Invited guests

The conference committee will consist of members of Elogue, Prof. Alan Davies, Dr. PakYoong and Mr. Rob Steventon. Bob Dick will be the chairperson of the committee.

The conference and any publications resulting from it will be dedicated to the memory of Donald Schön.

Please feel free to promote this conference to people whom you think will be interested in The Reflective Practitioner.

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