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Resources for Business &Technical Writing

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July 3 2008

Handy Reference Materials

Hacker, Diana A Canadian Pocket Style Manual
Nelson Canada 1995
Seeley, John Oxford Everyday Grammar
Oxford University Press, 2004
Gallagher, Nora How To Stop A Sentence (and other methods of managing words): A Basic Guide to Punctuation
Addison-Wesley Pubishing Company, 1982
Truss, Lynn Eats, Shoots, and Leaves
Gotham Books, 2004
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Thomas, Lewis Medusa and the Snail: On Punctuation
Toronto: Bantam Books, 1979: pp. 103-106


Links To Online Resources


Online Quizzes

Are you sure you have a handle on spelling, punctuation, and grammar?
Try the online quizzes below! Some of them are quite challenging. Answers are provided for all of them, explanations are provided with some.

This last quiz below is an example of the GMAT - Verbal Assessment Test. Try the sentence completion portions. This quiz is is challenging.


Medical Technical Writing

   CAM-Medical Writing Centre
   Medical Writing: Index
   Medical Writing Resources
   A Short Course on Technical Writing
   Succeeding as a Technical Writer
   Inter-Biotech: Resources
   Inter-Biotech: Course
   ICMJE-Requirements for Manuscripts
   Technical Writing

Style Manuals

   The Ultimate Resource Guides for MLA, APA, Chicago and CSE
   Strunk: The Elements of Style
   APA Style Resources
   APA Style Guide
   ASU: Style Manual
   Garbl's Writing Centre
   Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style


   Online Quizzes To Check Your Proficiency
   Internet Grammar of English
   Online Writing Lab: Grammar
   Grammar & Punctuation
   Lynch Guide to Grammar & Style
   Harper's Online Writing Lab
   Concise Guide to Important Rules
   Grammar Matters
   The Tongue Untied
   English Grammar


   Online Quizzes To Check Your Proficiency
   Punctuation: Online Writing Lab
   Guide to Punctuation
   Using Commas


   Some Rules and Suggestions
   Rules for Nouns and Verbs
   Online Medical Spell Checker
   Common Words that Sound Alike
   Spelling Checker

Online Dictionaries

   Medical Dictionary
   Mirriam-Webster Online
   Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Common Errors

   Online Quizzes To Check Your Proficiency
   Common Errors: Intro
   Common Errors: List
   Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Common Usage Problems

   Fused Sentences, Comma Splices
   Sentence Fragments
   Dangling Modifiers
   Misplaced Modifiers


   Online! Citation Style: Index
   APA: Electronic References
   Chicago Manual of Style

Inventing / Organizing

   Getting Started
   Graphic Organizers - 1
   Graphic Organizers - 2

Revising / Editing

   Editing vs Proofreading
   Power-Revision Techniques
   The Editing & Rewriting Process
   Edit Yourself
   Editing Marks - 1
   Editing Marks - 2
   Editing Marks - 3


   Proofreaders' Marks
   Proofreading Symbols

Information Structures

   Information Structures
   Managing Complexity

Document Design

   Page Design
   Effective Page Layout
   Page Layout Tips

Tables / Graphs / Flowcharts

   Graphs and Tables
   Technical Visuals

Persuasive Writing

   Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing
   Writing Persuasion
   Basic Principles of Persuasive Writing


   Effective Email
   Email Ettiquette
   Netiquette / Signature / Filtering Rules


   Powerpoint Presentations
   Powerpoint Tips
   More Powerpoint Tips

Memos / Business Letters / Reports

The resources below all take you to the Purdue Online Writing Lab Resources - the various topics are listed in the menu on the left of that page.
   Memo Writing
   Sales Letters
   Report Abstracts
   Business Letters: Accentuating the Positive
   Business Letters: Finding the Appropriate Tone
   Business Writing: Checklist
   Revision in Business Writing
   Parallel Structure
   Writing A Report
   Reports: Technical Guidelines
   Business and Technical Writing

Preparing Instructions

    Writing Instructions
   Writing Clear Instructions


   Writing Reports
   How To Write A Report
   Writing a Technical Report

Gender Fair Language

   Gender Neutral Language
   Gender-Neutral Language
   Non-Sexist Language
   Gender-Neutral Pronoun Usage
   Gender Fair Language
   Avoiding Bias

English As A Second Language

   ESL: Online Resources

The Editor -Writer Relationship

   The Role of the Technical Writing Editor
   The Editor-Writer Relationship

Press Release

   How To Write A Great Press Release
   Anatomy Of A Press Release
   Writing Press Releases

Technical Writing: More Resources

   Online Writing Lab - Resources
   U Vic Writer's Guide
   Technical Writing
   Technical Editors' Eyrie
   Technical Writer's Checklist
   Producing a Technical Document
   Online Technical Writing
   Working Fast
   Writing on Deadline
   Writing Strategies