Dr. Judith M. Newman

Writing Patterns in Expository Text

Cause / Effect

The general statement / elaboration is also a common writing pattern used in exposition. The signpost words make the relationship between an event and outcomes easily recognized.

Example #1:
Battle at Aboukir Bay

...Without hesitation, Nelson led his fleet along a narrow channel into Aboukir Bay and took the French by surprise. Of nineteen enemy battleships two were destroyed and nine captured. As a result of this battle, the island of Malta fell into British hands and became Britain’s second navel base in the Mediterranean. More important still, Napoleon’s line of sea communitation was cut, and his invitation of the East had to be abandoned..

Signpost Words: as a result, more important still


Example #2:

Air has weight; in other words, it is pulled towards the centre of the earth by gravity. Therefore, the air near the earth is under pressure because of the weight of the air above it..

Signpost Words: in other words, therefore, because