Dr. Judith M. Newman

Spelling Patterns in English


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English spelling has been refined to convey meaning and to show meaning relationships. Words which have some aspect of meaning in common have similar spelling elements to reflect that common meaning. Words are created by taking a "root" meaning element and adding suffixes. The derivational function is therefore often evident in the word itself.

except exception exceptional exceptionally
system systematic systematically
conclude conclusion conclusive
disturb disturbance
describe description
capture captive captivity
extend extension extensive extensively
necessary necessity necessarily necessitate
mature maturity maturation
generous generosity
break breakable breakage
destroy destruction destructive
select selection selective selectively
open openness opening
centre centralize centric
circle circulate circulation circular
defend defense defensive defenseless
erase eraser erasure erasable
energy energetic energize energetically
shame shameful shamefully shameless
class classify classification
detect detection detectable detective
duplicate duplication duplicator duplicity
exhibit exhibition exhibitor exhibitionism
ecology ecological ecologist
presume presumtive presumption
deceive deceptive deception
delicate delicacy delecately delicateness
diplomat diplomatic diplomatically diplomacy
hypothesis hypothesize hypothetical
through throughway throughout
preside president presidency presidential