Dr. Judith M. Newman




"In this picture my preconceptions about light and colour again delayed my realizing what was in front of my eyes. Water is supposed to be blue, or grey, or black, or green, or brown--but never yellow. I actually photographed here for half an hour without seeing the colour; but when I sat down on a rock to rest, and let my eyes wander out of focus, I suddenly became aware of the swirling yellow. Immediately, I re-focused my eyes--and the camera lens. The colour came from a golden maple. The photograph shows a way of seeing autumn that is all too easy to miss."

Freeman Patterson, Photography for the Joy of It.
1997 Toronto: Van Nostrand Rinehold Ltd. p: 72

This particular photograph by Freeman Patterson helped me understand the two dilemmas facing a photographer:

  • actually seeing through the lens 
  • and understanding the story in the images. 

I have selected the following six photographs to illustrate how I've struggled with these dilemmas.

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