Dr. Judith M. Newman


All language is narrative--from gossip to great literary works, the essence of any language exchange is 'story.' Listen to very young children learning to speak and we hear 'story.' In Hawaii, if someone wants you to explain something they ask you to 'talk story.'

Exposition, representations of factual information, also involve narrative genres--somewhat different in character from fictional ones, but "story" is an essential element nevertheless. A supurb example of exposition as narrative is Stephen J. Gould's Wonderful Life, in which he lays out the drama of the exploration of the Burgess Shales.

In this autobiographical sketch, I've explored my professional and personal lives using a variety of genres--factual, personal narrative, fiction, and poetry.

The first narrative is a whimsical look at what interests me. In this brief biography I've tried to share, via a series of links, the sorts of activities that engage me.
The second biographical element presents a more formal academic and professional history.
In the third, I offer a sampler of writing: the professional books, a couple of significant articles, some poetry, a few postcard stories, two short stories and a story for children.
The fourth element presents the results of two recent teaching experiences which involved educators in an exploration of various information technology tools for building collaborative learning environments with their students.
The fifth is a take on my professional life. In this brochure I have attempted to capture several facets of who I am as an educator.
The final piece is a small photographic exhibit to illustrate my efforts as an amateur photographer.