Dr. Judith M. Newman

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Teacher Education
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Action Research

"Better learning for a better world"


To engage people in learning in a supported, interdisciplinary environment
using high-tech resources,
and help them have fun doing it.

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Biographical Information

A teacher educator and researcher for twenty-three years, former Professor (MSVU) and Dean (Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba), I research, consult, teach and write about information technology, curriculum, literacy and teacher / action research.

A computer user myself since 1982, I have developed and taught a variety of courses on using information technology in the classroom.

My current research and teaching focuses on helping teachers and administrators

  • extend their understanding of information technology for classroom learning 
  • create interdisciplinary curriculum 
  • become more reflective practitioners 
  • engage in inquiry into their practice 

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   Teacher Education

provide courses and inservice sessions for teachers and administrators on
  • Information Technology in the Classroom 
  • Curriculum & Technology 
  • Teacher / Action Research 

   Expert Facilitation

assist schools and school districts to
  • incorporate information technology in the classroom 
  • use the internet for instruction 
  • create learning activities and resources which accommodate students different ways of understanding 
  • develop and implement interdisciplinary curriculum 
  • engage in action research 
  • restructure junior high schools 

   Program Development

develop interdisciplinary curriculum with an emphasis on using technology in classrooms 

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Major Publications

Tensions of Teaching: Beyond Tips to Critical Reflection (1998) Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press; New York: Teachers College Press.

"We Can't Get There From Here: Critical Issues in School Reform" (1998) Phi Delta Kappan 80 (4): 288-296.

Interwoven Conversations: Learning and Teaching Through Critical  Reflection (1991; 1997) Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.

In Our Own Words (1993) Halifax: Braeside Books.

Finding Our Own Way: Teachers Exploring Their Assumptions (1990) Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann Educational Books.

Whole Language: Theory in Use (1985) Portsmouth NH: Heinemann Educational Books.

Craft of Children's Writing (1984) Toronto: Scholastic; (2001) Spring, TX: Absey & Co.

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Creating Technology-Supported Literacy Classrooms [MSVU Summer Institute, Sydney NS]

Literacy, Curriculum & Technology [MSVU Summer Institute, Sydney NS]

Educating as Inquiry: An Action Research Experience [MSVU, Elmsdale NS]

Foundations of Literacy Learning [MSVU Open Learning, On-line]

The Role of Writing in Action Research [MSVU, Mississauga Ontario]

Teacher / Action Research: Inquiry into Professional Activity [Seven Oaks School Division, Winnipeg Manitoba]

Making Sense of Reading [University of Hawaii, Maui and Big Island]

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From Teachers

"I enjoyed the hands-on experience with the computers. I certainly learned a lot about the complexity of the information highway." 
Sharon Morrison, Sydney River NS
"I have learned not to be intimidated when I sit in front of a computer." 
Sadie Smith, Dartmouth NS
"What was very helpful to me and transferable to my teaching was our discussion about "not-learning." I now understand a couple of my students who were unsuccessful learners." 
JoAnn Hashem, Sydney NS
"I now realize as teachers we have to research the learning taking place in our own classrooms under our own noses." 
Jim Barrett, Sydney NS
"Through this experience I have learned many things. First, and foremost, I have learned the importance of working together, sharing ideas, and respecting what others think and believe." 
Blaine Galloway, Sydney NS.
"What I've learned in this situation is how important reflection is and the need to discuss activities with other people interested in improving their learning and teaching." 
Cathy Viva, Sydney Mines NS
"I've come to know my students better by seeing myself as a learner." 
Jeff Anderson, Winnipeg MB

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